Grit Blasting

This is used in a multitude of applications both in-house and on-site with a variety of media such as steel grit, glass grit, aluminium oxide & copper slag. The application is a refined process depending on the surface, the environment and the equipment involved. We perform our grit blasting in cabinets for small parts, in our large, purpose built blast room for anything too large for the cabinets, e.g. agricultural machinery, car restoration etc. No job is too large or too small!

All our blast cleaning machines are fitted with quality pressure regulators, allowing us to deal with delicate components safely & efficiently.

Blasting is used to remove build up of paint, corrosion & other contaminants from surfaces, it can also be used to achieve a profile to which coatings can adhere, thus increasing life expectancy making the process more cost effective

We can work to blasting standards SA 2, SA 2.5 & SA 3 depending on the specification and also carry out a brush off (flash) blast SA 1 to remove light rusting.

Bead Blasting

If you need a top quality finish on your stainless steel or non-ferrous components, glass bead blasting is the preferred method.

Glass bead blasting removes all impurities and deposits from your finished stainless steel & non-ferrous surfaces and provides a uniform finish. Fine glass beads are applied to the surface at a low pressure without in any way damaging the surface. Unlike other cleaning/finishing methods this eliminates all residues and embedded contaminants, smoothly blends away surface defects and improves corrosion resistance without any dimensional changes to the surface.

Glass bead blasting is also used to remove burrs and feathered edges from parts in a precision operation. Corners and edges must be deburred with precision to assemble properly. The use of glass bead blasting ensures that no base metal is removed from the surface.

The finish itself can be altered to suit your requirements. The smaller the glass spheres used, the smoother the surface, while larger spheres produce a more textured finish.

We only blast with 100% pure glass beads. This ensures that your stainless steel parts will never be contaminated with small particles of mild steel as sometimes happens when the same mix is used for blasting both mild and stainless steel.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting, is a process mainly used in-house, in an automatic or semi automatic machine for paint & rust removal of small to medium sized, high volume components.

Multimedia Blasting

Also known as blasting with plastic, soda, calcium carbonate, ultra-fine glass grit & other micro abrasives…

This ‘niche’ application, is a much more specialist area of blast cleaning…  Closely linked to the restoration market on wood, fibre glass, classic cars, brick/stone buildings, not to mention fire damage & graffiti removal.

Multimedia blasting, is generally considered to be a much more delicate cleaning option to that of heavy abrasive blast cleaning.

With the use of specialist blasting equipment, designed specifically for handling ultra-fine, lightweight media that standard grit blasting machines will not handle & having full pressure regulation at both the input & output air supply –  making this is the preferred option on applications where total control is paramount.

At Blast Off!! We are able to offer multimedia blasting both in-house & on our mobile facility.

Further details are available on request!