Large Vapour Master Blasting Cabinet

Due to popular demand… After being asked on an almost weekly basis whether we have a vapour blasting cabinet, we have now bit the bullet & made a significant investment in the following:

Large Vapor master blast cabinet

This huge unit has a blasting chamber 1315mm wide x 1315mm deep x 1200mm high The unit comes with a large 1100mm turntable capable of holding upto 600kg in weight. It also comes with a load end which the turntable comes out onto so big heavy items can be loaded onto the turntable mechanically then rolled back into the cabinet for blasting.

We will be running this machine on quality glass bead…

This unit will be perfect for offering a top quality beaded finish on engine casings, parts & components, we are happy to blast items of all sizes within the limitations of the unit & will be installing this May 2017, any questions/enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch!!!

Horsebox refurbishment in Lincolnshire

We recently completed another full refurbishment of a solitaire horsebox in lincolnshire. The job included a full refitting of aluminium pannelling and signage/decal as well as a full prep and repaint in base coat and lacquer. Finally, we machine polished the work, in house.

The photograph we have used is a sample of these many services and what we are capible of providing.